Kevin Adell : CEO and Owner

Kevin Adell

CEO and Owner

Jamie Harrington : Administrator

Jamie Harrington


Ext 3015
Mike Malin : Chief Engineer

Mike Malin

Chief Engineer

Mike broke into the business in 1988 after graduating from CMU in 1986 and freelancing in the Detroit area for a couple of years.  His big break came at a local independent station where he was hired as a Master Control Operator.  He worked on all three shifts before finally ending up on the midnight shift.  On the midnight shift he became involved in transmitter maintenance when the transmitter was shut off once a month for service.  Mike helped out the maintenance staff and found out that he liked working on electronics.  To further his career Mike enrolled in the Electronics program at the local community college where he earned an Associate’s degree.  After earning his degree Mike was given more maintenance responsibilities until he was finally hired as a Broadcast Maintenance Technician in charge of installing all the equipment used in the conversion to a digital signal.  Mike even learned how to install a digital transmitter.  After working for that local independent station for 20 years Mike was laid off along with all of the other staff

Ext. 3021
Ken Templin : Operations Manager

Ken Templin

Operations Manager

After attending Specs Howard School of Media Arts, I was hired here as a master control operator in and worked my way up to supervisor. 2 years ago I was honored to be named the station’s first Operations Manager. As the Operations Manager, I oversee the Master Control Operators and also coordinate the satellite feeds that we receive—upwards of 30 on a typical day. I’ve grown up here at WADL & am grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to have a job where I love what I do


Ext. 3832
Camea Franklin : Accounting Manager

Camea Franklin

Accounting Manager

Native Detroiter Camea Franklin joined WADL’s Accounting Department as Manager November 2007. Prior to arriving, Camea worked as the Credit Manager for the ABC network affiliate in the Detroit market. Camea revamped WADL’s accounting department processes and procedures in order to be able to handle the accounting duties for a commercial broadcast station. Prior to her career in broadcasting, Camea had a well rounded career including being an entrepreneur with businesses in the areas of bookkeeping, tax and positions in Accounting in the automobile and banking industries.

Camea received her Bachelor’s of Arts from the School of Business at Wayne State University in 1999
and received her MBA in Accounting from University of Phoenix in 2009.

In her spare time Camea is an aspiring vocalist that performs with local artists in the area, enjoys exercising, traveling and spending time with her daughter who will graduate June 2013.
Ext. 3026
Joe Poth : Production Editor

Joe Poth

Production Editor

Alfonzo Brown : Master Control Operator

Alfonzo Brown

Master Control Operator

Michael Smith : Master Control Operator

Michael Smith

Master Control Operator

Ronesha Williams : Sales Assistant

Ronesha Williams

Sales Assistant

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